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Meet the lending challenges of today and tommorow with custom designed solutions, trusted by industry experts.
Faster to Market
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Loan Management System Which Answers
These Challenges
Design customized lending products your customers will love.
Craft customized lending products for every customer, by leveraging our BYOS architecture and stand apart from your competitors by seamlessly integrating dynamic pricing and flexible repayment options in every loan product.
Features Your Team Will Love
  • Buy Now Pay later | Line of Credit
  • Co-Lending
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Flexible Loan Product Constructs
Collaborate in real time with key stakeholders and target a larger customer base.
Leverage our API 3.0 architecture to connect, accumulate and accurately assess real time information from a variety of sources both from within and outside your organization, and facilitate easy access to a higher pool of funds and a larger customer base from the comfort of your office.
Features Your Team Will Love
  • Co-Lending
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Extensive Third Party Integrations
  • Secure Open API
Stay compliant with ever changing national and international regulations.
Powered by advanced integrations, right from regulatory reporting to one click credit bureau submissions, you can ensure continued compliance with BASIL III & RBI guidelines, all from the same window. The RR Fincap loan management system arrives integrated with financial accounting systems, allowing you to perform multiple operations simultaneously while ensuring data security and privacy at every stage..
Features That Will Help You Stay Compliant
  • CISA certified for RBI Infosec compliance
  • Industry standard authorization protocol
  • Encryption of sensitive data (AES-256 Encrypted)
  • Credit Bureau data exhange and Basel III banking standards


1What Is a Loan Management System?

In simple terms, a loan management system can be understood as a software solution that allows you to manage your entire loan cycle efficiently. By leveraging the RR Fincap LMS, you can orchestrate a faster market launch, design consumer friendly lending products and stay compliant with local and international rules all the way through.

2What Are the Benefits of Having a Loan Management System?

The advantages of a loan management system are endless, right from making your lending process easier via automatic credit checks, accurate customer assessments, a completely online and paperless process to helping you accurately visualize your ROI via streamlining your entire lending process.

3What Are the Challenges of Implementing a Loan Management System?

The challenges of implementing a loan management system are few and far between. Although it might seem like a daunting task at first glance, in reality, ' 'today's Loan Management Systems arrive with ease of access, right out of the box, meaning you can start experiencing the countless benefits of one within no time. Along with this, since most architectures are completely cloud-based and offer real-time support, you will save an additional amount of time in installation, and issues you run across will get resolved in no time.

4 How to Migrate From a Legacy System to a Modern Loan System?

Modern Loan Management Systems arrive with seamless integrations, which allow for a seamless and effortless transition from a legacy system to a modern loan management system. Along with this, most companies offer onsite installation and integration support, meaning you can sit back and relax while the experts upgrade your system and migrate your entire loan portfolio to a system designed for the customers of tomorrow.

5 How to Evaluate a Loan Management System According to My Needs?

Although the fundamentals of most lending institutions are consistent, we completely agree that every business need is unique, and thus RR Fincap's LMS arrives with complete customizations on top of its inherent features. To help us understand your business needs and our solutions, speak to our business executive today.

6 What Is the Typical Timeline to Implement a Loan Management System?

The timeline to implement a modern loan management system and import your entire portfolio from a legacy system generally ranges from 1 to 5 business days, depending on our exact requirements.

7 What Is the Approximate Cost to Implement a Loan Management System?

As all our offerings are customized from the ground up for every lending institution, our charges tend to vary. To arrive at an accurate estimate, please speak to our business executive today.